Buying a Tamarindo Home

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Costa Rica, officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica is a country located in the Central America. Along in its borders, we can find Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to its west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The country is a very popular travel destination because of its rich variety of biodiversity, world-renowned beaches, and few active volcanoes which we can visit safely.

It said that in Costa Rica, there are nearly 300 beaches along its coastlines, each with its uniqueness and distinct characteristics. The beaches vary from having different sand coloration such as white, black, or brown to having different sand textures such as having full of shells, scattered with rocks, or soft, fine sand. There are also beaches that are best for swimming while others are for surfing. If you are looking to retire, buying Tamarindo Costa Rica real estate like the one below is a good fit. 


One of the most famous tourist destinations for families and couples who are looking for a good time is the Playa Tamarindo. This resort is located on the Pacific Coast in the province of Guanacaste. With stunning turquoise blue water, long, rocky beach, strong waves and breaks for advanced surfers, dazzling protected forest, abundant mangroves, luxurious accommodation, and extensive and modern development, there is no doubt why Tamarindo is everything that Costa Rica prides itself on. Although the sight of Playa Tamarindo is as beautiful as a tropical paradise one could imagine, the area is more expensive than the other parts of the country because all the resorts are well-developed. While there are several tourists who complain about their expenses whenever they spend a day or night in the area, there are also tourists who would say that Tamarindo is an excellent destination to visit.condo-tamarindo

Due to its high commercialism in the area, overcrowding often concerns most of those who are planning to pay a visit this place. Because of its development, there are so many activities for all types of people that you won’t see all the visitors rushing to the same spot at the same time. Various activities are offered in Tamarindo such as:

  • Surfing – there are so many places to surf, and they also offer surf lessons too. You can shop around the town to get the best price that is offered.
  • Beach Relaxation – you can swim, sunbathe, relax, and unwind, the choice is yours.
  • Rafting – a variety of packages for rafting and tubing are offered depending on your preferred difficulty level. Prices vary depending on your tour’s duration.
  • Sunset Sailing – visitors, can head out on a sunset sailing trip. Boats have bars in them and will provide you with snacks while you take a good view of the breathtaking sunset in the North Pacific.
  • Go Fishing – packages usually include snorkeling and fishing equipment. Tour rates depend on your desired duration. Although you are expected to pay a couple of hundred dollars, in return, you will receive a much more priceless experience.facebook-friday-fish
  • Las Baulas National Marine Park – this park is the nesting spot for more than 800 leatherback female turtles. This place is also perfect for afternoon kayaking. You can see mangroves and estuary in this park.

Aside from the activities mentioned above, you can also enjoy other forms of activities in Tamarindo such as horseback riding, ATV riding, zip-lining, and experiencing their nightlife. To increase chances of experiencing all the activities they have in store for you, one of the best money saving tips we can share with you is to eat local. There are local restaurants with reasonable prices located towards the back end of the town. Just be sure to ask locals for directions when you are planning to go to these places.

Tamarindo is a great place to visit not just for its developed resorts but more on what it has in store to offer. It is both for an adventurous and peaceful experience. Tamarindo is the best choice for anyone traveling in Costa Rica, from couples to families.